Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Crazy times ahead, the brand spanking new Overwatch game character I had the pleasure of voicing has made his debut online, and judging by the hits and comments seems to be going down a treat so far. I am overwhelmed and so proud of this creation. The writers and creators at Blizzard have done an incredible job on the trailer/origin story, most of the credit has to go to them of course, and to Andrea Toyias who directed me and allowed me to bring my own ideas to the table. Together we searched and played around with various sounds and inflections until we found Sigma. I then spent a handful of evening recording sessions screaming and shouting in a microphone until I lost my voice. It was an intense but insanely fun experience, and I can only hope there's plenty more to come!


TheKentHansen said...

You did great! Excited to hear more of Sigma in the future. And welcome to the Overwatch community! :)

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